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Jess and Matt Sneek Peak

Oh happy days! I am so excited to share this STUNNING video of Jess and Matt’s wedding from just a few weekends ago. I hate to play favourites, but Outside In Studio really are the best of the best when it comes to videography. Their modern approach and attention to detail really does take your breath away.

Jess and Matt’s wedding was truly elegant and romantic, but man oh man did this couple know how to party! As much as a love great photos, video is a wonderful opportunity to re-live the day in motion.

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AGO Alfresco Influence Styled Shoot

I am so excited to finally share our Alfresco Influence Styled Shoot, recently featured on Wedding Chicks. We had the incredible honour of shooting in one of Canada's iconic landmarks, The Art Gallery of Ontario. Walker Court (in the Art Gallery of Ontario) has always been one of my very favourite spaces in Toronto. I was attracted to the court's expansive ceiling and natural light.

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Shauna's and Justin's District 28 Wedding

Shauna and Justin’s winter wedding truly was the epitome of industrial romantic. The beautiful day was full of lush greens and neutral blooms, geometric gold accents, and romantic lighting. One of the benefits of getting married in the winter is an early sunset, so their ceremony was candlelit and oh so magical.

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Current Crush: Velvet

Friends, I’m am totally geeking out over the this new velvet linen trend I am seeing pop up everywhere! Admittedly, I’ve never been a big fan of velvet when it comes to fashion - but I am LOVING the usage of velvet textures when it comes to weddings. It’s rich and elegant, warm and inviting. So in celebration of my new found crush, let’s explore some stunning inspiration and how to incorporate velvet into your wedding design!

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Putting My Health BEFORE My Business

I just celebrated my birthday yesterday (I’m an April fools baby!) - and it got me thinking a lot about this new stage in my life.

I’ve been writing this little blog for almost 7 years. I’ve written hundreds and hundreds of blogs. I’ve posted a LOT on wedding design and planning, along with what it’s like being an entrepreneur. As much as I love posting about pretty celebrations (and will continue to) I’ve been experiencing some pretty big life changes the past few months - and I’m excited to start incorporating some more personal/life posts onto my blog.

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Minimal and Modern Invite Ideas

Lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with modern and minimal invites. I am really digging invites with negative space, clean lines, modern typography and sweet simplicity. A lot of the modern invites I’ve been seeing are playing into earthy tones

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Casey and Dave's Classic Cozy Wedding

I've been getting a ton of lovely photos into my inbox this week and Casey and Dave's put such a smile on my face. Casey is my hubby's cousin and I've known her for about 10 years. I was immediately drawn to Casey's positivity, kindness and talkative nature. I met Dave about a year and a half ago and immediately knew he was perfect for Casey.

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Working with my spouse: What I’ve learned so far!

The last few months have marked some major milestones in my life. My husband (Adam) and I moved to our new house in Caledon and he left his office job to work for Blush & Bowties. This has been a long time goal of ours. Adam is amazingly skilled, organized, and great at managing finances but he never felt fulfilled at his past job. I always knew I wanted to grow the company to the point where it could support us both. I’ve needed help with managing the company’s finances for a while, and I knew Adam was the perfect person for this role. The time finally came in November 2018 for us to take the leap into a new chapter. It’s been a time of growth and adjustment, so here’s what I’ve learned so far!

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5 Ways to Utilize Plants At Your Wedding

Incorporating a botanical vibe at your weddings is a great way to bring a natural, earthy feel to your celebration. As much as I adore blooms, I am also totally in to utilizing plants for wedding decor. Plants add a pop of texture and visual interest to a wedding design. Just like plants can jazz up your home decor, they can add the same effect to your wedding! Check out these ideas on how to utilize plants at your wedding!

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