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Stunning Wedding Place Setting Ideas

A thoughtful and beautifully styled place setting can make your tablescape come alive! A guest place setting is a great opportunity to get creative and play with textures, layering and materials. It doesn’t need to overly complicated, but considering the composition of your place setting is an important element to a stylish tabelscape. Here are some stunning ideas to get you started!

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Top 5 New Wedding Venues in Toronto

Toronto's wedding and event scene is always expanding - and in the past year the city has celebrated the opening of some truly exciting venues. From a funky intimate restaurant to a grand historical ballroom, Toronto's newbie spaces are sure to please any style!

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10 Unique Dessert Displays

Dessert displays are more popular than ever, with many couples opting to indulge in decedent dessert displays over the multi tiered traditional cake. Half of the fun when it comes to dessert tables is in the way to display the treats. A well designed dessert table will truly get your guests salivating for something sweet! Here are 10 unique dessert displays to enjoy.

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7 Ways to Host a Fun Wedding

After an amazing 2016 and a year of non-stop weddings, I have been been thinking a lot about what makes a fun wedding? Now as much as giant jenga or conversation cards on the table may be google's answer to this question, I have to say I think it goes much more beyond just giving your guests stuff to do. Yes kissing games can be fun, but I want go beyond kitchy here. Here are my top 7 fun wedding ideas.

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Jen + Dan’s Country Chic Farm Wedding