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Your wedding will undoubtedly be one of the biggest parties you and your partner will ever throw, with a guest list that includes the most important people in your lives. The engagement phase is one of excitement and bliss, but excitement can easily turn to stress with the realization that a wedding now needs to be planned. This is where we step in and what Blush + Bowties is all about.

We are there from beginning to end, from inception to execution, and present at all the in-betweens. We provide focus for your vision and experience and skills to make it happen. If you know exactly what you want, then we can help you find the right resources to achieve your dreams; if you are lost for inspiration, we will inspire. We are experts in the industry who will open the door to fab venues and introduce you to reputable and talented wedding artisans. We are who you need us to be.


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Alexandra mcnamara

Owner + Senior Lead Planner

Some might describe me as a little quirky, definitely creative, and always up for a good laugh.

I’ve always loved planning pretty parties; as a child, I would set the dinner table ‘just so,’ adding my special touch with a bouquet of fresh lilac from our garden and handwritten place cards for each family member. So heck yes I became a wedding planner!! I seriously love being a wedding planner. On a constant quest for anything unique and personalized, I bring an unwavering attention to detail, organizational expertise, and a flair for innovation to the weddings I plan. With a background in the arts, wedding design brings an immense creative fulfillment to my life.

Personal Design Style: Organic, modern and minimal


blush and bowties


Senior Lead Planner

Anyone who knows me can easily say I’ve always been the hopeless romantic kinda girl.

Growing up, attending weddings was one of my favourite parts of being in a large, loud, Portuguese family. I have a vibrant personality and adventurous spirit which naturally makes me the life of the party!

Personal Design Style: Romantic and contemporary with a boho twist.



Destination Wedding Specialist

While planning over 100 weddings through my own brand, I expanded to France and Italy, taking on couples internationally who wanted to celebrate in romantic chateaus and villas.

I combine my passion for language, travel and European romance, to create intimate, personal and beautiful experiences for couples and their guests.

Personal Style: Wild French country gardens meets daring city chic.


Erika Carcone

Lead Planner

From deciding on the menu for a family gathering to putting together a powerpoint presentation for a vacation, planning has always been a part of my life. I decided to turn my passions into a profession and obtained diplomas in Event Management and Floral Design.

My love of family, flowers, food, and fun allow me to understand the importance of coordinating the event of your dreams!

Personal Design Style: Elegant, Classic and Timeless

blush and bowties


Event Assistant

To kick things off, I’m Tanisha. When I finally realized that my love for organizing and my love for love could translate into becoming a wedding planner, I couldn’t think of anything better.

Being in this industry allows me to be your cheer captain on a regular basis!

Personal Design Style: Elegant, and Soft, but sometimes a little Bold



Calligrapher and Graphic Designer

My calligraphy journey started while designing stationary for my wedding. What started off as a passion project became a full blown obsession with the art.

As your graphic designer, I help put the finishing touches on your wedding with artfully designed stationary and signs.

Personal Design Style: Delicate, minimalist. Somewhere between modern and classic.

Blush and bowties


Financial Manager

Besides reporting directly to our Office Manager Watson, I’m the man behind keeping the admin side of Blush + Bowties organized.

My interests include collecting comic books, action figures, retro video games, and writing sketch comedy.

Personal Design Style: Geek chic meets whiskey sour

blush and bowties


Event Assistant

blush and bowties

watson mcnamara

Office Manager


With an eye for detail and a mushy heart, it’s safe to say that being an event assistant brings a smile to my face and the occasional tear to my eye.

During my free time I enjoy scoping out new restaurants and cafes, and spending time with friends.

Personal Design Style: Ethereal romantic with hints of industrial design – I can’t turn down a good brick wall.


Watson is an irreplaceable member of the Blush + Bowties team! His previous experience with Kraft Services has made him quite adept at looking for cheese, asking for cheese and waiting for cheese to happen. Watson always motivates those around him to strive for their best, even when things get "RUFF"!!

Personal Design Style: French Country meets Snausages.