Vagabond Romance Shoot Featured on Style Me Pretty

In the still of autumn, on a rural farm, a vagabond romance is a astir.

There is something mysterious and atmospheric about an autumn day. The crimson leaves and crisp air engender a sense of romance and sensuosity unlike any other season. This allure was the soul of Blush & Bowties’ “Vagabond Romance” stylized wedding shoot, which was captured by Lauren Vandenbrook of LV Imagery and featured on Style Me Pretty.

Showcasing the free-spirited vagabondia lifestyle, accented with vintage- inspired decor by Weddingstar, the shoot took place at Sagewood Farm. Situated in the countryside north of Toronto, Ontario, the idyllic venue boasts an array of breathtaking landscapes. Mismatched chairs, boho blankets, eclectic tables, dinnerware, suitcases, vintage caravans, and honeymoon tent were all generously contributed by Style Me Vintage and Sweet Vintage Caravans.

The models were the lovely actor Katie Odegaard and her real-life partner Greg Van Niekerk, who took on the roles of the vagabond lovers, Violette and Adrian. The bride for the day wore a 1970’s vintage gown from Violet Crown Vintage and jewelry by the talented artisan Katy Kingsley Lebel of Spark & Thistle. Makeup and hair were styled by the skilled Amy Harper.

VagabondRomance-9 VagabondRomance-10VagabondRomance-11 VagabondRomance-12VagabondRomance-15 VagabondRomance-18VagabondRomance-21 VagabondRomance-25 VagabondRomance-1 VagabondRomance-28 An intimate tablescape set inside a canopy of perfectly unkempt fall foliage was decorated with Weddingstar’s candle holders, wood cases, placecard holders, and jars. The focal piece of the table was a vintage-inspired ornate box overflowing with dahlias, eucalyptus, sedum, and garden roses. VagabondRomance-4 VagabondRomance-30 VagabondRomance-31 VagabondRomance-33 VagabondRomance-40VagabondRomance-41 VagabondRomance-45 VagabondRomance-46 VagabondRomance-48 VagabondRomance-6 A naked cake from Custom Desserts by Michelle was the centrepiece of the harvest dessert table illuminated by the natural beauty of the surrounding crops. The cake was finished with wildflowers and Weddingstar’s delicate porcelain flowers. Apothecary jars set atop stacked antiqued book boxes were filled with fresh apples and an assortment of wild adornments. VagabondRomance-49 VagabondRomance-50VagabondRomance-56 VagabondRomance-61VagabondRomance-64 VagabondRomance-65 VagabondRomance-66VagabondRomance-53 VagabondRomance-69 The welcome display, tucked within a lush and wooded area on the farm, featured stunning pieces by Weddingstar including a cardholder letter box, vintage frame for placecards, wishing well suitcase, chalkboard mounted on faux wood, and whimsical birdcage. VagabondRomance-73 VagabondRomance-72 VagabondRomance-74VagabondRomance-75 VagabondRomance-79 VagabondRomance-85 VagabondRomance-86 VagabondRomance-87 VagabondRomance-89 VagabondRomance-91VagabondRomance-92 VagabondRomance-93 VagabondRomance-3VagabondRomance-94 VagabondRomance-96VagabondRomance-98 VagabondRomance-97VagabondRomance-101 As the sun set, wrapped in a patterned blanket, the couple cozied in for romantic moments by the honeymoon tent and vintage caravans. VagabondRomance-106 VagabondRomance-104 VagabondRomance-107 VagabondRomance-109 VagabondRomance-110VagabondRomance-112 VagabondRomance-113 VagabondRomance-114 VagabondRomance-115 VagabondRomance-117 VagabondRomance-118 VagabondRomance-119 VagabondRomance-120 VagabondRomance-121 VagabondRomance-122 VagabondRomance-126 VagabondRomance-130 VagabondRomance-131 VagabondRomance-133 VagabondRomance-134 stunning home download Capturing the romance of a bohemian wedding set against the perfect autumn day was a dream come true, not to mention working with such a talented team of contributors. The free-spirited vagabondia lifestyle was very much alive in all of us throughout the day of the shoot. Perhaps it was the surrounding scarlet maples, ethereal sky, or peaceful terrain, but there is a sense of magic captured in the shoot that exemplifies the romance and mystique of the season.

Concept, Styling, Design and Flowers: Blush & Bowties/ Photographer: LV Imagery/ Decor: Weddingstar/ Venue: Sagewood Farm/ Hair & Makeup: Amy Harper/  Cake: Custom Desserts by Michelle/ Dinnerware, Vintage Furniture and Suitcases: Style Me Vintage / Caravans: Sweet Vintage Caravan Co. / Dress: Violet Crown Vintage/ Jewellery: Spark and Thistle/ Models Katie: Odegaard and Greg Van Niekerk

By Certified Wedding Planner Alexandra McNamara

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