The Blush Creative 2018

Launching my business was by far one of the best (and most intimidating) things I have ever done. 5 years in, I feel like Blush + Bowties has found a perfect little niche in the wedding industry. Couples come to us looking for help to plan a unique, stylish, and meaningful celebration. But it wasn't always like that

My first year in launching I struggled with my voice, conforming to the overly "rustic" style of weddings and branding. My site was frills and flowers, which really wasn't me at all. I took on weddings that nearly broke me (both mentally and physically) and felt lost of where to market, how to price with profit, and most importantly find authenticity in the business I was building.

image by  Scarlet O'Neill

Lucky with time, I began to really tune into my personal business style. I took time to delve into design books, take classes, come up with styled shoots, and develop relationships with other vendors who shared a similar vision in their businesses. I stopped looking to what everyone else was doing and just listened to what I thought couples needed. Now our clients come to Blush + Bowties for that natural, stylish, and artisanal vibe we are known for.

The truth is, I see a LOT of planners just plain old lost with their brands and businesses. I unfortunately hear time and time again from other vendors the constant struggle working with a planner can be; from being disorganized, pushy, to inexperienced. I couldn't help but ask the questions - why? What is going on out there and why are there so many planners that seem to be struggling? It seems to me there are a ton of people who are entering this industry with inadequate training, zero sense of branding and no business plan. 

image by  Scarlet O'Neill

This reality was the motivation behind launching The Blush Creative workshop. And I couldn't be more excited to announce the workshop is returning in 2018. To get you up to speed, The Blush Creative is a Toronto-based workshop for creative entrepreneurs looking to develop their design skills and strengthen their business minds and souls. Our aim at The Blush Creative is to deepen the knowledge and styling skills of individuals interested or involved in the wedding planning and styling profession as well as focusing on business development and personal well being as an entrepreneur.

image by  Scarlet O'Neill

The workshop features some top notch leaders in the styling, branding, and wedding industry including owner of Hunt and Gather Tellie Hunt, Scarlet O'Neill from Scarlet O'Neill Photography, and social media/branding guru Paige Boersma of Studio Bicyclette. These lady bosses will share wisdom into their successful business and equip our lucky attendees with insights that they can apply back into their own companies. 

image by  Scarlet O'Neill

The workshop covers so many relevant topics, so take a moment and pop over to the site to get a full breakdown of this knowledge filled weekend. One major lesson I have learned is the importance of investing in yourself. To always be growing, learning, and dreaming. I think my insatiable desire to always be better, do better, and grow Blush + Bowties is a fundamental reason why the company has done well - and I want more than anything to help entrepreneurs out there to really make - pardon my french - shit happen! There is so much wasted potential out there and all is takes is getting focused, making a plan, and then just freaking doing it! The Blush Creative is the place to light that fire my friends. 

So what are the deets you may be asking? Well here you go lovelies:                                     

WHEN: February 18/19 (9:30 am - 6:30 pm)

WHERE: Album Studio Rentals

WHO: Blush + Bowties, Hunt and Gather, Scarlet O'Neill Photography and Studio Bicyclette will be hosting. We have some amazing contributors including Elle Cuisine, Plate Occasions, Contemporary Furniture Rentals Inc., The Linen Closet, The Lettering StudioLe Dolci, Green House Juice Co., Wildcraft and More! 

COST? $750 + hst BUT if you sign up before Nov 30 and use the code "blushcreative10" we are extending 10% off

How to sign up? Email

This is an intimate workshop with a limited amount of seats - so don't wait - just get going and reserve your spot now!