storytellers, creators, and your trusted merriment makers.

Blush + Bowties is a Toronto-based, boutique style wedding planning company, specializing in charming, stylish, personalized parties…oh, and celebrations that are really fun to attend, too! We pride ourselves on taking an innovative and modern approach to wedding design and planning.

our approach

Innovative event design is at the core of who we are. We have a fresh perspective on wedding planning and styling.


Our approach to curating events begins with small details, those that tell a story and evoke the imagination: a handwritten love note, a perfect peony, an antique door, a family heirloom, a vintage trunk, a colourful typewriter. Blush + Bowties approaches your design with a sense that anything is possible, that something old can be something new, and most importantly, that it is reflective of you.

Did you know that Blush + Bowties also offers interior design and workshops? Oh yes indeed. We bring the same personalized attention to your home as we would for your wedding. Looking to learn about the wedding industry and grow your business with heart and focus? Check out our intensive workshop for creative entrepreneurs. 

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