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The Blush Creative: Toronto Wedding Workshop

Have your ever had one of those moments in life where you look back and say “THANK THE STARS I said yes to this”??? Launching The Blush Creative, a Toronto wedding workshop, was one of those moments for me. My love of weddings, design, business and connecting with people face to face lead me to this new and exciting venture and has changed the trajectory of my career and life.I had a few (or daily) panic attacks about running this workshop. What was I thinking? How can I do this? Why will anyone care? These were just a few of the daily battles with my inner monologue. But my desire to help wedding entrepreneurs and connect with some wicked lady bosses was enough to drown the tireless moans of my mind. And my fear of launching the workshop actual became material to include in my sessions, in that you just have to FREAKING DO IT! Am I right? Just stop thinking/talking/planning and just do what excites you. So I did. And the result? Well it was the best weekend of my life since getting married.

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