10 Rustic Venues in Toronto

Are you looking for a venue in Toronto that has that oh so popular rustic feel? Well guess what!? You don’t need to drive into the country to find that amtompohere. Toronto boasts many rustic venues within it’s borders. Here are 10 rustic venues in Toronto not to miss!

Berkeley Fieldhouse

The Berkeley Fieldhouse is all rustic charm. The white washed wooden paneled wall, outdoor oasis, and treehouse all lend to a rustic yet still polished ambience.

Rustic Venues in Toronto

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Ward’s Island Clubhouse

Hop on the ferry and be transported to another world. Toronto Island is seriously one of cities most lovely spots. Ward’s Island clubhouse is tucked away amongst the island’s idyllic cottages. The clubhouse, with a little bit of love and string lighting, can be transformed into a rustic cottage-like feel (without having to rack up on the mileage to cottage country!!).

Rustic Venues in Toronto

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Blackcreek Pioneer Village

I know what you are thinking - you mean the Blackcreek Pioneer Village I went to on my grand 7 fieldtrip?? Yes indeed. The Grand Pavilion has a barn like feel and being that the whole venue is recreating the feel of pioneer living, it’s safe to say it has a very rustic ambience.

Rustic Venues in Toronto

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 Enoch Turner Schoolhouse

This quaint little venue is tucked away in the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto. The lovely beams, wooden floors, and darling school room all lend nicely to a couple looking to host a rustic inspired wedding.

Rustic Venues in Toronto

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Fermenting Cellars

Located in the historic distillery district, The Fermenting Cellars is the epitome of rustic industrial chic. The venue is teeming with rustic touches; from the wood beams to the concrete floors to the brick walls.  

Rustic Venue Toronto

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Kortright Centre

You don’t get much more rustic than a ceremony in the woods. The Kortright centre is a real gem of a venue. One of the ceremony spots is literally called “Cathedral of Trees”!! How lovely is that? The Glass House is available to host the reception and guests are able to gaze out onto the lush greenery, truly celebrating the rustic beauty of the surrounding area.

kortwright centre wedding

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This popular Toronto venue definitely caters to those who love the rustic vibe. The Holcim Gallery and Koerner Gardens features soaring ceilings and original brick-firing kilns. Host your ceremony facing out onto a picturesque pond surrounded by breathtaking views of the parkland.


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This distillery restaurant is all charm and character, not to mention encapsulates the rustic vibe that so many engaged couples yearn for.


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If you are looking for an intimate and rustic venue in Toronto, Balzacs is the spot. The quant little coffee shop has the feel of Parisian cafe and the grand chandelier really make it a unique spot for a wedding.

Rustic Venues in Toronto

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Ocho Hotel

This fairly new venue hit the Toronto wedding scene 3 years ago. This unique boutique hotel venue has a modern vibe but the exposed brick and wood booms give the space a ton of character lend to it's rustic feel.

Rustic Venues in Toronto

image via Ocho Hotel 

By Certified Wedding Planner Alexandra McNamara

Alexandra McNamara