How I Became a Wedding Planner

I am often asked how I became a wedding planner. I never know how to answer the question and my path to becoming a wedding planner might surprise you.

I actually grew up wanting to be an actor and spent four intense years at a small acting conservatory. It was a marvelous, strange, and eye opening experience. I learnt so much about myself, people and storytelling. But in truth, the business side of showbiz just wasn’t for me. There was zero sense of ownership over my future; I struggled with the idea that my creativity and fulfillment was in someone else’s hands. I think this realization was a small hint that perhaps running my own business was something I was made to do.

Fast forward many years after graduating from university, and I had found myself working office jobs that were, to put it plainly, sucking the life out of me. I felt like I had failed. I felt stuck. I felt so unfulfilled. As a child and into adulthood I was tenacious, driven, and bound to have a career that utilized my creative skills. And now I found myself processing invoices and making coffee. What had I become? I knew I was meant for more.

Now I know this sounds strange, but one day I can recall clearly this little voice inside my head saying “what about becoming a wedding planner?” I thought this was nonsense, I wasn’t a trained event planner, didn't’ have a business degree and had never entertained the idea before. But I allowed myself to explore my curiosity. Firstly, as a child I loved decorating; everything from my room, to the dinner table to the backyard. My parents threw a lot of dinner parties and I loved to set the table for their guests. I also remember throwing pretty parties for my girlfriends. I would set the table just so, rummaging through the linen drawer to find the perfect tablecloth, then pop out to the garden to gather some lilacs. I would write name cards for everyone, set the mood with some 90’s indie rock, and wait in anticipation for my friend’s reactions.

I allowed myself to explore the idea of being my own boss and running a business. This was before Pinterest was a thing, so I would scour google images for wedding ideas and dream up names for my company. I had these fanciful daydreams for a year or so. I remember finally verbalizing it to Adam and my family, who were of course supportive. But then I also remember vividly telling a friend who was in the wedding industry my idea to become a planner. Her words weren’t so encouraging. She told me how tough the industry was, how challenging weddings can be, how competitive it was, how I would have to work evenings and weekends for the rest of my life. So to say the least, I was a little discouraged after that encounter.

But luckily fate was on my side and sending me little hints to not give up on the idea. Flash forward a year or so later and I was engaged and planning my own wedding. I relished in finding the vendors, researching venues, coming up with a budget, and of course designing the day. The process solidified that this was meant to be. Now - I must admit - I don’t like to tell people I became a wedding planner because I planned my own wedding. I think a lot of brides get wrapped up in the fun of planning their day and then decide to become a planner and it doesn’t always work out. Planning your own wedding vs planning someone else’s is like night and day. Luckily for me, I believe my past experiences, education and innate love of design and people set me up for success.

I truly think my background in theatre and acting was an essential part of finding my path towards event planning and why Blush & Bowties has done well. I understand people and relationships and love to tell stories. My string of meaningless jobs also solidified my fate as a business owner. I knew I was meant to serve in a way that utilised my creativity and organization. I felt incredibility compelled to take control over my life and create something I was proud of and committed to. Nothing motivates you more than rock bottom (career wise anyways). And finally yes, planning my own wedding proved that I had the skills and and gumption to tackle the daunting task of coordinating and juggling all the tasks that come along with weddings.

There is no one thing that led me to become a wedding planner which is why when I get the question I don’t always know the right answer. One thing I can tell you is to always follow your curiosity, and what you think and told yourself was your passion, might not always be the only path for you. When thinking back, there were so many times I could have quit or ignored my instincts but DEAR LORD I am so thankful I listened to my inner instincts.

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