So you’ve got a dream - whoo! You want to open your own business, explore a new career, take a workshop, invest in education, or make a plan to quit that job that just isn’t bringing you the zest and fulfillment you desire. You feel an inner urge to follow your curiosity, give back in a more meaningful way and just take the damn reigns on your life. Firstly, HUGE freakin’ congrats as often acknowledging this in your own mind can be the hardest part.

Once you conquer that first step of telling yourself you want a change . . . you may start to tell others because you are just bursting with excitement. I know I felt this way many moons ago when the concept of Blush + Bowties was a meer seedling in my mind. My inner and closest tribe were super supportive, but suddenly to my shock and dismay, I was met by the first set of people who just weren’t feelin’ it. Now here is the thing - I have ALWAYS been a dreamer but more importantly a doer. My hubby likes to say I am just ON IT. When I see something I want and I truly have a visceral connection to it, I find a way to make it happen.

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I grew up in a family who completely encouraged me and allowed me to carve my own path. When I said I wanted to go to university for acting and move across the country - they helped me buy the ticket. When I decided to produce and perform in my own play, they were in the front row. When I announced that I was quitting my office job to start my own business, they were like HECK YES! But I have come to understand that not everyone has the same values as myself and my family (which it totally their own right and prerogative). Some people equate taking a risk with being irresponsible and trust the more conventional path in life. Living the 9-5, working your way up at a job, having security and benefits and a pretty petition to get you through retirement.


So here is the thing, if you are looking to launch your own business, take a leap into unknown territory, quit that job that make you sublimely unhappy - and you feel it in your BONES that this is what you need to do - odds are you are going to run across those folks who value the more traditional path in life. One of security, safety, and the familiarity. Now here is what I want to drive home - there is nothing wrong with holding these values - but if what you are drawn to is innovation, adventure, and ownership over your career and life - the first step is to just understand that not everyone is going to get your choice. Side note - I am not encouraging you to quit your job today without having any plan in place or source of income - I am just saying that half the battle is deciding to make this change and committing with all your will to make it happen while being able to feed and clothe yourself.

When I first decided to quit my job and run my business full time - I had some folks (with shock and fear in their eyes) exclaim “how will you pay the mortgage??” or “you know being a wedding planner means having to work on weekends!!”  and even “how will you make money??” Ummmmm . . . . from the people who are paying me to plan their weddings . . . I thought that obvious no? Some people truly don’t understand that being an entrepreneur means you can actually make the dolla dolla appear - all by yourself!! WHAAAT?


So what do you do if you are met with opposition in following your dreams - especially if it’s from someone close to you? My suggestions is to acknowledge their opinion but well to be frank - politely decline to participate in this state of mind and don’t let it phase you. STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE my friends. As the Barb once wrote “To thine own self be true . . . and stop seeking approval from everyone around you . . . OK!!!!” Well maybe he didn’t write that last part but you get my drift.

If you are thinking of making a dramatic change in your life and you have a smart plan in place - go get em baby’!! Making big waves in this world means not everyone is going to want to ride them with you, but just concentrate on your stride and I promise it will be worth the risk.