Why Creative Entrepreneurs Need to Take Breaks

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, I have been feeling utterly guilty about taking time off in December. I decided back in November that I would take the last 2 weeks in December off of meetings. I still need to manage emails because that is just needed at this time in running my business, but I would halt meetings until 2018.

To give you context I normally have 3-5 meetings a day and normally wrap up my day between 8 pm - 9 pm. The reality of being a planner is that clients have to meet in the evening and I've come to terms with knowing I need to accommodate this. But if I am honest, the late nights do take their tole, and since summer time is impossible to take a break, I knew December would be my only chance for a good chunk of time to rest.

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The trouble is, being as busy as we are, I couldn't shake this feeling that I was somehow letting my clients down. I know many of them are eager to meet vendors, have our vision meetings, not to mention the daily new inquiries we receive all want to meet now and get the planning process going. I was feeling perplexed about this whole situation. But in stepping back, I have realized it is IMPERATIVE creative entrepreneurs have some down time.  Here is why:


I am at my most positive and productive when I am rested, grounded and calm. Downtime allows for me to breathe and have a bit of me time. I realize I can't give my best to my clients if I don't take a break from being a wedding planner for a chunk of time. So for me, I realized that it's actually in my client's best interest if I take some time for myself. That way I know when I return to work, I will be ready to put my best work forward.

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I admit, a lot of time work comes first. I don't have any kids, but there are weeks where my husband and I's only interaction is saying a quick hello as he walk in the door and I walk out. We have a strong relationship and carve in time for each other during busy months, but having consolidated, uninterrupted, quality time with my hubby, as well as other family members frankly keeps me sane and connected to what matters most. And that is love and relationships. 


We all know the term "absence makes the heart grow fonder", well the same goes for your job! Especially when you run your own business. I know that when I spend some time away from my work, I actually miss it. I can't wait to get back. So for me, I knew taking this time off would keep me more invested and driven come 2018. 

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I am sure many of you are feeling the same way I do, whether you run a business or not. In our work orientated society there is an incredible amount of guilt associated with taking time off. So I challenge you to look at your circumstances and acknowledge the areas in your life that thrive when you take a break. Enjoy these moments because before you know it, we will be back at it! So being mentally conscious and present during your vacation is a must! I know this will be my goal over the next 2 weeks.

Happy holidays my lovelies and we will chat soon in 2018!

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