What Makes an Excellent Wedding Vendor?

Part of what I love about being a wedding planner is getting to collaborate with the incredible amount of talented wedding professionals in and around Toronto. A huge part of what I do as a planner is to recommend amazing vendors to my clients. To me, there are certain qualities in a wedding vendor that will always have me coming back to reccomend them again and again. I’ve pinpointed 6 qualities that, in my opinion, contribute to what makes an excellent wedding vendor.

1. Responsiveness

Getting an email response within 24 hours of sending an inquiry or email (Monday-Friday) to a vendor seriously makes me a happy bird. Waiting weeks or even months sometimes to receive a quote or hear back and having to constantly follow-up, to me, just doesn’t fly.


2. Listening to the Client

I’ve sat in meetings with vendors who will talk ½ hour about themselves and how honky dorey they are, but literally show zero interest in the couple. When it comes down to it, it’s all about the couple’s wedding day. When a wedding professionals listens to the couple, asks questions, and shows genuine interest in who they are and want they want for their wedding, to me, it’s a sign of someone who truly cares for the couple.

What Makes an Excellent Wedding Vendor

3. Reliability

Vendors who follow through on their word, show up to meetings on time, and send quotes/contracts when promised shown a sign of excellence in my opinion.


4. General Nicety

I know this might sound silly, but when a vendor is pleasant in person and over email, it makes a difference for the experience of the couple (not to mention everyone involved). I’m not saying a love poem needs to start off every email, but a little sugar goes a long way.

What Makes an Excellent Wedding Vendor

5. They Love What they Do

One would think this is obvious, but I believe if you are in the wedding industry you have to kinda like weddings . . . a lot (and I have come across a few vendors who really don’t seem to like weddings). I suggest vendors who really love what they do and their portfolio is proof of their passion.


6. Team Spirit

Ok, I know this sounds a little around the campfire, kumbaya-ish, but planning a wedding is a team effort. When a vendor has a sense of working together and being helpful and flexible along the planning process it always makes for a solid wedding day. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to weddings, and when a vendor has this awareness and steps in to make the process easier for everyone, it’s a sign to me that this vendor is a keeper.

What Makes an Excellent Wedding Vendor

By Certified Wedding Planner Alexandra McNamara

Alexandra McNamara