What is your bouquet personality?

Since no two brides are the same, why should bouquets be? After all, your bouquet will be with you practically the entire day (in addition to your hubby) so it should embody you and your personal style. The hues, textures, and mood should represent your unique characteristics in a floral form of art. Here are just a few examples of the different bouquet personalities to help you decide which style fits you best.    

Romantic and Delicate

 These light pigments of blush and ivory blooms are soft yet elegant. 

Image via  Once Wed

Image via Once Wed


Playful and Bold

This combination of bright coloured and textured buds are an excellent way to show off your adventurous side.

Image via  Gypsy Floral

Image via Gypsy Floral


Minimalist and Grounded 

This bouquet embodies neutral pigments with an abundance of greenery creating a simple yet charming piece. 

Image via Wedding Sparrow 

Image via Wedding Sparrow 


Modern and Warm

This piece contains mainly warm tones shown in different sized buds, giving a contemporary yet stylish vibe. 

Image via  Wedding Sparrow

Image via Wedding Sparrow


Laid back and Classic 

This bouquet contains a diverse mixture of buds and folliage with pops of lavender, creating a clean and timeless piece. 

Image via  once wed

Image via once wed


Creative and Unique

This asymmetrical bouquet is one of a kind. Mixing buds with sequential blossoms, this bouquet is absolutely stunning and sure to compliment any style. 

Image via  Wedding Chicks

Image via Wedding Chicks


Dynamic and Wild

This oversized bouquet is dramatic with pops of rich colour and greenery. Perfect for any bride who is not afraid to be the center of attention.

Image via  The Bridal Theory