Toronto Wedding Favour Ideas

Wedding favours are a great way to give your guests some sort of memorabilia from your big day. Not to mention these little surprises also represent a big “thank you” for being there during your celebration. But what do you give? Below are just some of our favourite items made and sold right here in Toronto that will be sure excite any guest.


Sloane Tea

Individually sourced from hundreds of gardens, Sloane Tea is all about beauty. Whether hot or iced, the taste, colour, and smell of each cup is full of a tasty adventure. Using vintage techniques, each blend of tea is carefully processed and regularly cupped to ensure every cup is remarkable. 

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Kitten and the Bear

With a focus on tradition and heritage, KATB takes the timeless practice of baking and jam making to a new level. Creating hand crafted artisan confiture (the French term for “jam”) by using copper “confiture pans” imported from France truly makes their products fresh and one of a kind. Not to mention their traditional buttermilk scones make a perfect pairing. Trust me when I say your guests will thank you for receiving a little KATB jar!

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Laura Slack Chocolate

Driven by a goal to create edible art from the world’s best chocolate, Laura Slack has done just that. As a chocolatier and pasty chef, Laura believes in combines beauty with all premium ingredients when making her masterpieces. She offers a wide variety of both chocolate bars and truffles including her signature Dulce de Leche skull. Check out her selection to see which delectable piece your guests will drool over! 

toronto wedding favours

Damien's Handmade Sauces

Inspired by his Caribbean roots, Damien’s hot sauces are fiery good! Lucky for us, he moved to Toronto as a teenager and in 2014 bottled his first batch. The Hotel Oscar Tango can be used for anything off the grill like pizza or eggs. The Lima Zulu goes best on anything you would squeeze a lime, like seafood or salsa. Exploding with flavour, you may want to think about having these available for your guests during the main course!


Hale Coffee

I mean, who doesn’t like coffee? Hale coffee is a Toronto based specialty coffee micro roaster. They focus on high quality coffee beans that are carefully sourced and brought to their headquarters when the beans are green. They are then roasted in house. What makes Hale special is their dedication and consistency in making each cup taste amazing.

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Loversland Candles

This little quaint shoppe celebrates all that is love! With a focus on inspiring brides for their big day, they also carry gifts and décor. Their lightly scented soy candles make perfect favours for guests who love fresh yet fun little surprises. With five light scents to chose from, you can mix and match for each guest! Plus, these guys were made with love in Toronto and burn for 40+ hours.

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Toronto Popcorn Company

Any flavour you want, they got it! Maple, pizza, vanilla, and even candy flavoured popcorn can all be found at 147 Baldwin St. With such a diverse selection of popcorn, its easy to say that TPC makes it all about you. Using premium ingredients and high grade corn, its no wonder this gourmet popcorn is indeed one of a kind. Bags of this delectable popcorn can range form big to small but realistically, do your guests a FAVOUR (haha) and get the big bag!

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Demo Soap

Located in Liberty Village, Thomas Tam opened up his own soap boutique in 2003. The main theme for Demo Soap is “good enough to eat” and for the last ten years, Thomas has been shipping his soaps across Canada. With a motto like this, you can bet every bar is extremely visually pleasing. These handmade bars range from donuts, macaroons, cupcakes and even fortune cookies. 

toronto wedding favours