Versatile Wedding Favours

It’s clear to us that ‘IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS!’ This includes wedding favours. After planning your wedding and sticking to a budget, sometimes favour items can be an added ‘expense.’

They don’t need to be over the top, but they should compliment the theme that inspired your wedding design.

Favours create a lasting memory of your special day! It’s a forever keepsake; just like photographs and video footage. Favours trigger happy memories and take your special guests back to the important elements of your day.

These favours can be simple, and once they’re versatile for use after your day, we guarantee they’ll be a major conversation piece! They'll create fond memories that will last a lifetime- just like the love and happiness of the bond on your wedding day.

Here are 10 unique wedding favours that will compliment your theme, create memories and not break the bank!


Love Cork Coasters

Who doesn’t use coasters around their place? Having these handy keepsakes on hand will be constant reminder of special memories shared on your day. Here's to a constant celebration of love!

Image via beau coup

Image via beau coup


Let Love Grow

Eco-friendly DIY planters for the at-home kitchen gardens! What a great activity to do. Plant it, grow it, use it! The versatility is un real.


Hangover Remedy and Chill

Chilling at home the next day remembering all the fun things that took place on the dance floor last night! ‘Hangover remedy and chill!’ Sounds like a grand laugh while in recovery mode to me.

Image via  Before the Big Day


Oil Always Love You

I’m pretty sure most of us keep a bottle of olive oil near to our stove tops. Add some herbs to the bottles for flavour! Cook up a storm, and re use the bottle after!

Image via  Elegant Wedding

Image via Elegant Wedding


Sucker for Succulents

Custom labeled for your guests- these suckers work on your table setting as well! They're ready to be taken home after the night, bringing us back to those conversations over dinner and dance.


 Something Brewed

Pop- up coffee stations are a pretty popping trend in recent time! Here's to something brewed for the next morning!

Image via  Brit + Co.

Image via Brit + Co.


Stay Hydrated Folks

If this doesn't end up in my car and bring back memories of a good laugh while chilling in traffic, then I don't know what will!

Image via  Bridal Guide

Image via Bridal Guide


I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

Oops! 'I forgot my sunglasses in the car during this beautiful outdoor ceremony, but I can't run away because I'll miss the I-Do's!' No Big Deal- We got you! Wear these sunglasses during the ceremony and throughout the night on the dance floor. Oh, you know what wear them every other day and every night too. Trend-setters for sure!

Image via  Bridal Guide

Image via Bridal Guide


Tic Tac Toe Fun

This is a fun one and great for the kids too! It will keep them occupied during the night and then some more when you take it home for family fun nights!


In Love and In Warmth

'To have and to hold in case you get cold.' For those chilly yet cozy and romantic nights at home, or out on an adventure. This custom keepsake will 'keep love warm' for years to come.

Image via  Visca Wedding

Image via Visca Wedding

Image via Visca Wedding