Trust Your Wedding Vendors

As a wedding planner, a big part of my job is advising my clients on amazing vendors. From florists, to DJ’s, to venues - we have a highly curated list of amazing wedding artizans who will love and care for our couples as much as we do. We believe in recommending vendors who are not only committed and passionate to their vocation, but are incredibly talented at what they do and all around good people.

One challenge when planning a wedding can often be knowing when to extend your vendors creative freedom. I am all about highly personalized weddings, but I believe part of the beauty of booking top notch vendors is leaving the finer details in their hands. This will alleviate a huge chunk of stress from your life and I think in the end result in a totally beautiful and design conscious wedding. Trust your wedding vendors my friends. Our collective experience and opinion is here to help you plan the most personal and stunning wedding imaginable.

For example, I 100% advise in giving your florist a general colour palette and tone for your wedding (this is where a vision board from Blush + Bowties comes in handy), but I don’t recommend in dictating the exact colour pantone (which is impossible with flowers anyways) and every type of flower. Trust your wedding vendors. If you have hired a skilled florist, they will know what colours and tones work well together and types of blooms will make your vision come alive. Of course if you hate dahlias don't be afraid to pipe up, but for the most part, leave it in the hands of the expert.

Let’s talk a little about photography. Wedding photography is truly an art form, and if you love the photographer you have booked (which you should), you have to trust their going to get amazing shots on the day. Asking them to shoot in a style that isn’t their style, sending pages of “must have shots”, or asking them to filter images in a certain way is a sure way to take all the magic out of their job and in the end, the result may not be as amazing if you just let them do their thang.

When it comes to music, talk to your DJ or band about the type of music you love, eras, favourite groups so they have a really keen sense of your jam style. Send them your must have songs and important tunes of the day, but don’t try to put together their playlist or setlist. Again, leaving this up to the professional will serve you best in the long run.

image  Nikki Mills

Wedding planning is a process, everything can’t be decided in one day. Trust your planner (if you hopefully have hired one) as well as all the other vendors and know they have your best interest at heart and who will guide you along the way. Micromanaging those you have hired for your day can lead to overcomplicating the planning process and more stress on your plate.

Trust your wedding vendors lovelies. I promise this mindset will lead to a much more seamless planning process and joyous wedding day.

By Toronto Wedding Planner and Designer Alexandra McNamara