The One Thing You Should Tell Your Guests to Do

There is lots of love, laughter, and general awesomeness that happens at weddings, but I have to say, there is one thing that is reaaalllly dampening the day. And no it’s not awkward uncle Dan dancing alone in the corner. It’s guests and their cameras and or phones. The struggle is real. So here is the thing, if you don’t care about your wedding photos or haven’t hired a professional photographer or aren’t too concerned with your guests being present at your ceremony, stop reading, cause this blog post isn’t for you. But if my last statement had you going “YEP!” well then you need to tell your families and friends to put their cameras down, at least during the ceremony.

I can’t tell you how many ceremony photos I have seen ruined by people and their damn devices. Phew, that felt good to say! But really, not only are your guests completely distracted from your vows if they are on their phones, it also makes the photographer's job that much harder. And well nobody wants bad vibes on their wedding day right?

unplugged weddings

Also, just as a side note, allowing friends and family to follow around your photographer during your couple shots, wedding party shots, and family portraits should also be a no. Just sort of think of it as a stranger peering over your shoulder and invading your private space when you are typing an email. Weird and annoying right? Well that is how the photographer feels. And when the photographer feels like someone is getting up in their space, well the photos suffer and potentially their creativity can feel stunted.

So now that we have established that wannabe wedding photographers are distracting and just not cool, how do you communicate your wishes to you family and friends?

1. Signage! Craft up some cute signage for your ceremony telling guests it’s an unplugged wedding.

unplugged weddings photo by LV Imagery

2. Have your officiant announce it before the ceremony begins.

3. Just say no! If you are encountering a paparazzi frenzy during your photos, you have the right to tell people to back off (of course be polite and kind) but speak your mind! Your wedding day is one of those times that you are the boss and people really will listen to you. Feel the power!!

Communication is key on this one folks. Give the gift of freeing your guests from their phones for an afternoon of their lives. And anyone who arrives with a camera that requires a rolly suitcase and has a telescope lense, well it’s time to tell them to pack up that bad boy for another day and leave the professional shots to the ugh . . . right the professional you are paying for.



By Certified Wedding Planner Alexandra McNamara

Alexandra McNamara