Where to Spend and How to Save on Your Wedding Day

Weddings are expensive. It’s true. No way around it. But what services should you be prepared to spend on, and where can you save? Here are some suggestions on where to cut costs on your budget without losing the wow factor offset by what elements you won’t regret investing a little extra money in. Spend: Dress You want to feel fabulous and beautiful on your day, so I suggest not to skimp when it comes to your dress. Now, your style may be relaxed and simple, and a $100 thrift-store find may be just what you want. But if not, make some adjustments to your budget so that purchasing your dream dress is possible. dress image via Berta Bridal

Save: Makeup If you are looking for a way to save on your wedding day, enlist a friend or do your own makeup on your day. Sometimes wedding makeup can be a bit overdone, so this route ensures you look like yourself and will also save you some cash. makeup image via Beautylish

Spend: Photography One of the biggest regrets I hear from couples is hiring a budget photographer (like a family member or friend). Find a professional wedding photographer whose style jives with what you want and be prepared to pay for the service. photos image via Vine and Light

Save: Cake Some couples dream of an opulent and intricate wedding cake; if this is the case, I strongly advocate allocating a chunk of your budget towards a fab cake. However, if you aren’t too picky on a cake but like the idea of the tradition, there are ways to save, such as selecting a simpler design or smaller cake. Another more economical and untraditional route is to select a different type of dessert in lieu of a cake such as a macaron tower, donut tower, or pie. macaron image via Polka Dot Stationery

Spend: Planner Not every couple needs a full wedding planner, but having help, if only for the day of your wedding, is essential. A planner may seem like a luxury, but after investing so much time, energy, and money into your wedding, it’s worth spending the money to hire a professional to oversee your day so that you and your family and friends can relax and enjoy the celebration. alex image via Blush & Bowties

Save: Invitations If you plan on a small wedding, have some time to spare, and are a DIY wiz, making your own invites is a great way to save (just be prepared to put in many hours of craftiness). Sites like Wedding Chicks have some pretty templates to use and can help cut down on stationery costs. Some couples choose to email their invites as a method to save money (and trees). If you decide to have your invites designed and printed by an invitation company, consider including a link to your wedding website on your invite to cut down on added paper (such as RSVP cards and maps) and cost. invite image via Wedding Chicks

Spend: Music Music can make or break a wedding shindig - so fork out the extra dollars and get a really stellar band or DJ. After the dance party of your life, you won’t regret it. band image via Green Wedding Shoes

Save: Favours I like wedding favours; they can be a sweet and lovely addition to a wedding day and are a nice way to thank guests for attending. What I am not the biggest fan of are unnecessary favours that don’t get used and can be a real waste of money. If you decide to give favours, I suggest choosing a token of appreciation for your guests that reflects you and your partner and the wedding you are hosting and that won’t break the bank. favour image via Blush & Bowties

By Certified Wedding Planner Alexandra McNamara

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