Saying Nay To Perfect

It’s been about 3 weeks since my last blog. I am usually try to blog once a week, but I will be honest, October has been tough! It has been our busiest and most demanding month so far. As much as I love writing my little old blog, I knew I needed to prioritize the crazy amount of emails and requests coming through. But with a spare hour in my presence, I am back at it!

With this month being quite a challenging one, one word kept coming up over and over in my mind. Perfect. The perfect wedding, the perfect day, the perfect planner. I’ve heard it so many times, but there is an unrealistic expectation that weddings need to be the most perfect day in a couple’s life. Now I think it can be the most joy-filled, incredible, love packed day of someone’s life, but perfect . . . eh not so much.

Here is the thing. Life isn’t perfect and neither is a wedding, and that is a good thing! Some of the best moments I’ve witnessed at weddings have been the moments that haven’t gone to plan. Like a ring bearer choosing to run around in circles opposed to walking down the aisle, or a nervous first dance, or a rainy day that made for some fun photos!

I’ve put this pressure on myself in the last few weeks to be perfect, which undoubtably led to me feeling disappointed in myself. Even when I put every last ounce of work ethic, preparation and heart into planning, I was still nit picking. Even when I was so tired after 15 hours days and could barely walk, I still expected more. We are all human and as much as we planners prepare and prep and cross our t’s, on a wedding day, something will come up that doesn’t go to plan.

I guess what I am trying to say is, let’s stop using the word perfect when it comes to weddings. It’s putting unnecessary pressure on couples and everyone involved. Weddings are not about impressing guests, or having the most beautiful wedding that ever was, or showing off - no no, they are about support, love, experience, and a bond between two people and bringing together all the awesome amazing people in their lives to celebrate with.