Power in Positivity

Happy Tuesday friends!! I am getting a bit personal on my blog today. I love my business. I love my life and family. I love weddings and my clients and getting to be apart of so many couple’s incredible celebrations. But with risk and adventure comes adversity and struggles. This journey of mine as a business owner hasn’t been all peaches and cream. Roadblocks are inevitable and I have been faced with many challenging situations. But as I am discovering and learning, it is not serving to harp on these challenges but instead focus on overcoming them. Dealing with tough situations truly has made me a stronger person, wedding planner and business owner. I want to share today some tips on how my daily practice of trying to stay positive is changing my life (and sanity). I found this video by Brendan Burchard very helpful. Check out the whole video. It’s incredibly well said and inspiring. As humans we tend to have automatic and unconscious responses to situations. A negative situation deserves a negative response right? Heck no! Not unless you want to live a life of stress and misery. It’s all about mastering your psychology and training the mind.



When a difficult situation arises, what is our normal reaction? To get upset, to get angry, to get annoyed. This is a very common and normal behavior because it’s habitual, it’s how our mind had been trained. But it definitely isn’t serving. The first step I have found to positive thinking is to take account of what my mind and emotions are doing and how they are reacting to situations. Having awareness is essential if you want to change.


By having aware of my own reactions to situations, I can begin to redirect my negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones. This isn’t easy. It take a lot of self control to try and stay positive when all you want to do is react negatively. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a negative reaction, just be aware and try to interpret and redirect the thought to something positive.

Focus On the Resolution

In becoming more aware of my emotions, I have discovered that I feel super stressed about a situation until there is a resolution. I will spend days wallowing, worrying and obsessing. I need a resolution before I can rest, or for any of you 90's kids, Rachel from friends would describe it as "closure". But this meant spending much of my time in a state of stress . . . not cool. However, since incorporating my positive practice into my life, in place of my worry, I try to focus on a positive outcome. I focus on the solution and try to place importance on the positive outcome. Just like Brendan explains in the video, you have to visualize and meditate on this positive outcome, it requires a lots of focus and dedication to do this but if you do the work changes will begin to happen.

Celebrate the Successes

Ever notice how when you can have 100 successes but’s its the one failure that tends to creep back into your mind over and over? Yep, this happens to me all the time. It’s time to celebrate successes. Every time I have a success, instead of just letting it slip away, I try to hold onto it, breathe it in, and truly let that success become part of my being. I know it sounds hokey, but for me this practice works.

Feel the Power

Training your mind to unconsciously react with positivity isn’t easy. It takes a lot of discipline to change a habit. Don’t get me wrong, I have days where I am not the positive gal I desire to be. But I always try to be better, I always try to find my way back. Reprograming your mind to be positive is so incredibly empowering. At the end of the day it’s about being happy. It’s about feeling good about who you are and what you do. So when your mind is starting to react the way you want it to, with habitual positivity, FEEL THE POWER!! Celebrate this success.

I truly hope that in sharing my experience will help you put on a positive spin on any adversity you have or will experience. One final thought of the day, in the spirit of positivity, is to be good to one another, to love a little more, to have compassion and to do all things with kindness.

"Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking." - Aarcus Aurelius Antoninus

By Certified Wedding Planner Alexandra McNamara

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