Putting My Health BEFORE My Business

I just celebrated my birthday yesterday (I’m an April fools baby!) - and it got me thinking a lot about this new stage in my life.

I’ve been writing this little blog for almost 7 years. I’ve written hundreds and hundreds of blogs. I’ve posted a LOT on wedding design and planning, along with what it’s like being an entrepreneur. As much as I love posting about pretty celebrations (and will continue to) I’ve been experiencing some pretty big life changes the past few months - and I’m excited to start incorporating some more personal/life posts onto my blog.

The truth is - running my business has given my life purpose and a clear direction. I love what I do. But I just wasn’t prepared for the mental and physical strain my business would put on my life. Over the years, I’ve learned slowly how to cope and deal with stress, but I’ve never really mastered the whole work/life balance - and that has taken it’s toll - especially on my body. I’ve pretty much neglected my heath the past years of running my business. It’s hard to even write that. But it’s true. My business always came before my heath. It came before taking my dog for a daily long walk, meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, being outside, meditating, stretching, and being active.

But this year, I knew a change was in order. For a really long time, my business had always come first. However, I’ve realized that I am a better business owner when I prioritize my health. Today I want share how incorporating a daily habit has been a total game changer for me. There have been several changes I’ve made recently that drastically overhauled my heath and wellness (hint this will be a recurring blog topic!) but for today I will start off with a major one - MORNING WALKS!!

I always wanted to be that person who woke up and went for a long walk with my dog. But it just never happened while I was living in the city. I would wake up and take Watson for a rushed 10 min stroll until he did his business then rush back to my emails. I’ve learned a couple things about myself. I like to check my emails first thing and tame the inbox beast early. I used to get down on myself for starting work early in the morning, but I realized, I like having a clean(ish) inbox before tacking my day. So now I get in 1/2 hour of email time before breakfast, then Adam and I go on an hour walk together on a trail close to our house. We’ve pretty much walk every single day since January (blizzards and all). Despite some cold days, it’s been glorious. There are so many reasons a long daily walk has been good for my soul (and heath). Our walks are an opportunity to clear my head, enjoy no technology time, take in nature, and talk about life with my hubby.

I know many of us out there struggle with putting ourselves first. That something like a long walk seems almost selfish when you have so many people needing your time and energy. It’s taken me a really long to realize that my mental and physical health need to come first. I’m excited to carry on the conversation on this subject matter. Love to you all and thanks for the checking in.