How I Take Care of Myself During Wedding Season

Wedding season is in full swing. It’s a busy time of year for us, where we get to put all our hard work into action. This busy season also means the potential for stress. There truly are a million things to think about, to do’s to check off the list, and confirm. But I’ve realized it’s also important during this time to continue to stay healthy and take care of my myself. Here are a few tactics I’ve learned over the years.

1. Daily Walks - Every morning my husband and I go for a walk. Even on wedding days! It’s 1 hour away from my phone where I can enjoy the peaceful natural that surrounds our home and get in a bit of exercise.

2. Gratitude - I know this is corny but gratitude is so damn important and I’ve come to acknowledge my lack of it in my life. I think in general we tend to focus on what we don’t have VS what we do. So everyday, my husband and I share 5 things we are grateful for then chat about them. Try it with a partner or pal! It’s helpful to have someone to be accountable with while maintaining a gratitude practice.

3. Active Breaks - In the past when I needed a break from work, I would pop over to youtube or facebook which just meant more screen time. My husband and I just finished putting up our fence in our backyard and doing some landscaping. We also put up a badminton net and bought some lawn games. So now when I need a break - we play! I’ve made a rule for myself that when I am outside it’s a no phone zone. It’s a much healthier and not to mention fun way to take a break!

4. Limited late nights at weddings - This is a BIG change for me. I used to pull 12-16 hours days at weddings. It took a hard toll on my body and mind. Knowing I had such a big day ahead of me  mean I was an anxious mess the night before and then by the end of the long day I felt like my body was broken. But for the most part, I will be relying on my team to help with the later nights and creating more shift work at weddings. It’s big a huge game changer for me and so far wedding season has become SO much more manageable.

5. Perspective - This one is a little more introspective - but during this busy time I try to keep things in perspective. It’s easy when managing a really important day (like someone’s wedding) to lose your cool when something doesn’t go exactly to plan. But I am learning to step back and keep perfective on the situation. Is anyone dying, is my life in danger, is the world coming to an end? No? Then it’s probably going to be ok.