Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

Are you newly engaged and beginning the process of planning your wedding? You already know that you will need an officiant to lead the ceremony, a venue for the occasion, and probably a photographer to capture memorable moments. But you may be wondering if a wedding planner is essential. If you want the months leading up to the big day and the day itself to be as stress free as possible, then a planner should be on your list of people to consult and hire. Can you plan a wedding on your own, even with the assistance of loyal and hard-working friends and family? Probably … however, a wedding planner can ease the burden of the seemingly infinite tasks that must be undertaken so that everyone can simply enjoy the process. And did I mention that a wedding planner can save you money? A full wedding planner is there for you from beginning to end, from inception to execution, and all the months and days in between.  A wedding planner provides a focus for your vision. If you know what you want, a wedding planner will make it happen; if you are lost for inspiration, a wedding planner will inspire. A wedding planner provides direction along a well-organized path. A wedding planner is who you need her (or sometimes him) to be. Just think of a wedding planner as that friend who never gets tired of talking about your wedding.

A planner takes your vision and makes it a reality … even if you don’t know that you have a vision in the first place, a planner will help you find one. Vendor and venue selection can be overwhelming. Large or small? Conventional or unconventional? Indoors or outdoors? Formal or informal? A planner has insight and knowledge into where to look and who to hire. We are there to negotiate the best deals, keep you on budget, and be the liaison between you and the ten different vendors you may need to hire, from florists to equipment rentals. Weddings are a big investment, and  a wedding planner ensures that trustworthy, exceptional professionals will provide you with outstanding services and products that make this investment worthwhile, a time to enjoy and remember fondly.

Once your wedding is beautifully and impeccably designed, and the plans are all moving together seamlessly, the final and most important step is making sure that  everything comes together. This is where a planner is indispensable. Everyone needs help on the day of the wedding. After all the work, sleepless nights of debating between French or cornflower blue, trips to Chinatown to hunt down the perfect lanterns, don’t you want to relax and enjoy the day you are to marry the love of you life? Of course you do.

Your wedding day will fly by, and a planner allows you to be fully present on what can potentially be the best day of your life. So just as you would hire a professional catering company to prepare and serve your wedding meal or a DJ to provide entertainment of your party, a trained, certified wedding planner is equally essential. A wedding planner’s knowledge and skills allow you peace of mind knowing you have someone who will go the extra mile for you to experience the happiest of days to the fullest.

By Alexandra McNamara, Certified Wedding Planner