Dear Venues - Please stop saying “You don’t need a wedding planner”

Hello lovelies. For those of you who follow my blog, you know I normally post about pretty wedding stuff for the most part. I like to keep my blog positive, jovial, and full of lots of lovely inspiration. But today I want to chat about - well frankly about a beef I have with a very very select few venues (I of course won’t be naming names). Here at Blush + Bowties, we have AWESOME relationships with venues. Toronto and GTA are stocked with venues where the staff are helpful, accommodating, respectful, and appreciates the organization and help a wedding planner can bring to the table. We’ve had many a venue let us know how helpful and easy we made the process for them (which is music to our ears). It’s teamwork friends, and we see venues and their onsite coordinators as important colleagues .  

But alas, in the past 5 years, we have come across some venues that clearly just don’t like planners - as a breed in general. I get it, some spaces may have had a bad experience with a planner in the past. But every planner is not created equal, just like every venue is not the same. I know and have heard some venues/caterers say “you don’t need a planner, we will be your planner” and I have to say I have a real problem with this because it’s frankly wrong. Here is a select list of things a wedding planner will do vs a venue/onsite coordination:

Create a full wedding budget, update the budget, suggest all vendors and coordinate communication and all logistical details with them, attend appointments with vendors, curate a full vision with the couple and create a vision board (then make it come alive!), maintain a planning checklist, maintain a planner folder or online planning system with all important documents . . . the list goes on. 

As wedding artizans, we all have a very important role, the venue’s probably being one of the most important! From curating the menu, putting together BEO’s, to quotes, to being a point of contact for all venue related logistics, to helping create floor plans - the venue’s role is vital! However I think it is so imperative that we don’t try to wear too many hats and well stay in our own lane. I would never try to take over the role of a photographer (unless the client really likes blurry iPhone photos) because it’s not my expertise! Asking our clients (sometimes while we are actually present if you can believe) why they hired a planner because they’ll do everything just aint’ cool (and also ain’t correct). 

I think in general, when this rare instance occurs, it all comes down to actually really just not getting what a planner does. So for those of you lovely engaged couples who have been told you don't need a planner because the venue or caterer will do it all for you - I invite you explore the option of a wedding planner, all we do, and if having that help could be vital to your wedding experience. And to those venues out there who resist the help of a planner or refuse to work amicably with us - all I can say is we are here to help. I can only speak for myself, but my truest intentions in running my company is to provide support, guidance, expertise, and a sense of peace and calm to engaged couples.