6 Ways to Save on your Wedding Day

Gosh darn weddings can be expensive!! Have no fear, here are some stealthy ways to save on your wedding day:

1. Cut the altar flowers

Hey, I love wedding flowers. They can transform a room. But where does it say that every wedding needs altar flowers? These arrangements can often run upwards of $300 each. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, use nature as your backdrop, or if its indoor, opt for less expensive options like lanterns or candles to dress up the space; it's one of the many ways to save on your wedding day!

ways to save on your wedding day

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2. Choose a  Favour-less Wedding

Who doesn't enjoy a petite macaron in a ribbon wrapped box? It’s so pretty and delectable . . .  but also a little unnecessary. Truthfully, favours can be a bit of a waste of money. Especially the ones that are made for the landfill  . . . I am looking at you monogrammed gumball machine! If you are looking to save, cut favours all together, I promise guests probably won’t even notice.

3.  Re-imagine Your Wedding Cake

I have seen hundreds of pounds of wedding cake go to waste. Yep. It’s a sad sad sight. After hors d'oeuvres, a full meal and dessert, many guests are stuffed. Instead of getting a 3 tiered cake and spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars for something that may end up in the bin, get a simple one tier cake to cut. Or what about pie? Or donuts? Or a macaron tower? All of these options are substantially less expensive than a cake and just as lovely.

ways to save on your wedding day

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4.  Be Selective on Alcohol

Looking to save on your reception cost? Serving only beer and wine will cut down your bar tab substantially. If you want a mixed drink, just choose one signature cocktail. Going this route will not only allow you save on alcohol, but also on mixes and garnishes.

5. Trim the Guest List

I know it seems obvious, but trimming your guest list is the number 1 and often overlooked way to tame the wild beast otherwise known as your wedding budget.

6. Go Paperless

Having a paperless wedding can save you thousands. I totally understand investing a portion of your wedding budget into invites, but if you are looking to save, going paperless is an option. You can send an evite or choose to send your wedding website to guests over email. When it comes to programmes, menus, and other signage, get creative and use chalkboards, windows, or even pallets as a unique and creative alternative to stationary.

ways to save on your wedding dayimage via Polka Dot Bride, image via The Wedding Chicks, image via Ruffled 

Well there you have it. This little list on ways to save on your wedding day has the power to save you thousands! Before you lay down the dough, really take a moment to think if the spending choice is reflective of you and your partner, or if it just because some imaginary wedding rulebook told you that you need to have it. If it doesn't make sense, zip up that wallet and walk away, your wedding will still be amazing and you won’t be knee deep in debt.

So what do you think? Do you agree with these tips? Do you have other ideas on ways to cut a wedding budget down? Leave a comment below.

By Certified Wedding Planner Alexandra McNamara

certified wedding planner