5 Tips When Launching Your Business

Being an entrepreneur can open the doors to a world of freedom, fulfillment, and meaning. Personally, launching my business was one of the best and most rewarding decisions of my life. It empowered me to take control over my life and future. If you are thinking about launching your own company and dream of a world where you are in the driver’s seat, I say all the power to you!! It takes an incredible amount of work, bravery, and dedication, but if you stick with it the results can be overwhelmingly fulfilling. I know how daunting becoming an entrepreneur can be. Being your own boss means a whole lot of responsibility and unknown situations. In the last 2 years since launching my business, I have learned so very much. I felt compelled to share 5 of the most important tips that impacted the growth and success of my business.

5. Define Your Brand

Knowing who you are in your market is essential. Attempting to fall into every type of category equals in zero focus and presence. Start with 3 words that define your brand. Blush + Bowties’ are personal, romantic, and pretty. Blush + Bowties is not so much about grand, glam, glitzy weddings, and it was important for me as a business owner to make that differentiation right off the start. Figure out what is authentic to you and your business from the start. Defining and knowing your niche will pay off in the long run. Tips When Launching Your Business

4. Find Your Copy Voice

When I first started Blush + Bowties, I had no idea what copy was. I kept hearing the phrase come up, so I began to read a ton of articles and watching videos to help me understand further. Pretty soon I realized how important copy is. Copy is any written material that has to do with your business; for instance, your website, blog, advertising, social media etc. In this day in age, effective copy can make your web presence go from blah to bam! The days of long, overly informative, lack lustre copy with 0 personality are over. People want to know who are you and your copy must be infused with your authentic voice. Having copy with presence has proven incredibly effective at connecting with your viewers and turning them into customers.

3. Know Your Client

Knowing your client is just as important as having a clear and focused brand. Ask yourself, who is your ideal client? Who is your target audience? Write down their characteristics. My clients tend to be professional downtown dwellers, independent and looking for a venue with character and a celebration authentic to their styles and personalities. Knowing who I was speaking to made it so much easier when creating a market strategy and growing my business. Tips When Launching Your Business

2. Have a Killer Website That Represents Your Brand and Speaks to Your Target Audience

Having an impactful website is probably the most important step when launching your company. Personally, if I arrive on a site that is messy and hard to navigate, I am gone in about 3 seconds. Your potential clients will probably do just the same. There are a LOT of sites out there that should have undergone an overhaul about 10 years ago. So be better!!. Take the time and invest in a site that will inspire it’s visitors to click on that call to action button and get in contact with you. Design a site that represents the brand you have defined and one that will knock the socks off your ideal client. Tips When Launching Your Business

1. Make a System

This may sound obvious, but your company needs a system. Curating a super crazy detailed system that will help you keep organized and tackle all aspects of your business is so very important. Map out every step along the way for your business; from inquiries, to followups, to providing the service, to invoicing, to keeping your files organized. Making a system not only will keep you organized but give you confidence. Create email templates, spreadsheets, google docs, informative PDFs so that you have a foolproof system to run your business.

Well there you have it! If you are in the beginning stages of launching your company or perhaps in the early stages of discovering your inner entrepreneur, I hope these tips help and inspire you to go after your dreams and start your business off on the right foot.

By Certified Wedding Planner Alexandra McNamara

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