5 Things You Didn't Know Wedding Planners Do

1. Negotiate pricing

As a wedding planner, I am in a position to negotiate pricing with vendors to ensure my client is receiving the best deal possible. Some vendors offer special pricing for planners; others may have a new or upcoming promo I always ask and do the research to ensure that the best price is being extended to my client.

2. Provide emotional support

Planning a wedding is emotional. If a detail goes awry, because of the importance of the day, the problem tends to become magnified. I try to put myself in my client’s situation, as I understand how a small issue can seem like the end of the world. Heck, even on my wedding I can remember holding back tears when rose petals showed up that were way too pink! I attempt to put the problem in perspective, find a solution, and provide emotional support when needed.

3. Check bathrooms before guests arrive

This is not one of the more glamourous duties I perform as a planner, but I do in fact check bathrooms before guests arrive to make sure they are fully stocked and clean.

4. Read the fine print

Deciphering contracts can be tricky, and although I do not dispense legal advice, for full wedding planning, I do read through all contracts and fine print to make sure that nothing is missed or to pick up on something that seems not quite right. I ask the questions that a couple may not know to ask.

5. Pick up garbage

It’s kind of gross but true; at every event I have planned, I have picked up garbage. No matter how amazing and clean the venue, a pesky plastic bag seems to tumble onto the outdoor ceremony location or a beer bottle left over from the previous event is missed by the cleaning staff. I like to do a “sweep” (visual and sometimes physical) of the venue before guests arrive to make sure it’s spotless for the big reveal.

By Certified Wedding Planner Alexandra McNamara

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photo (9)