5 Exciting 2019 Wedding Trends

Happy New Year Lovelies! There are lots of exciting wedding elements I am seeing emerging as fan favs this year. I’ve rounded up my top 2019 wedding trends predictions.


Greenery Installs

Hanging installs began to rise in popularity a few years ago, but so many couples are requesting elevated decor elements this years and in a big way. While hanging arches were all the rages last year, I’m see requests for large scale greenery and floral installs. And let me tell you, I’m not complaining, I am totally in love with this big impact decor trend.


More live music

image by  Mango Studios

image by Mango Studios

Bands have always been popular at weddings, but I’m noticing a rise in popularity with live music versus previous years. Couples are really focusing on the party element of their weddings and opting to pump up the dancing with live tunes.



image by  Christine Lim

image by Christine Lim

5 years ago barns and rustic requests were all the rage when it came to weddings. I have to say I’m happy to have seen a shift away from this vibe in the past few year, and in 2019, it’s all about natural, maker style elements like ceramics. I bet on seeing a lovely inclusion of items like ceramic plates, vases, candles holders this year!


Vellum Paper

image by  Christine Lim

image by Christine Lim

I’ve definitely been getting a high request for vellum paper, in the land of wedding stationery. I love the use of vellum paper as it feels ethereal, soft and handmade. The transparent paper is a unique twist to traditional paper elements used for wedding stationery.


Embracing Modern Minimalist

image by  LV Imagery

image by LV Imagery

The days of lace and burlap overload is long gone. Instead, couples are opting for a focus on natural and modern elements. Decor decisions are intentional and thoughtful. Minimalist doesn’t mean sparse or boring, but more so a focus on decor decisions that have been chosen for a reason. Tables aren’t jammed edge to edge with stuff or overbearing centrepieces but rather floral and decor details have room to breathe and work their charm.