2018 design inspiration

Friends - Happy New Year!!! I don't know about you but December was a mad blur and I can't believe 2018 has arrived so hastily. In between family and feasting, I was able to take a few moments to catch my breath and indulge in some design inspiration. Here is a selection of what is influencing me for this year.



Kinfolk is an independent slow lifestyle magazine based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It supports an ethos that encourages us to reclaim time and devote it to whatever brings us joy and meaning. Not only do I totally vibe with this slow living mantra, but Kinfolk's minimalist and natural style are very much inline with my own personal aesthetic. The brand/lifestyle evokes authenticity and simplicity, something I am striving for this year. 



wedding planner toronto.jpg

I have found myself yearning to adorn my kitchen and home with ceramic pieces as of late. I am so attracted to the artisanal and natural quality of ceramics; from the handmade feel, matte smooth finishes and soft grainy textures. I am hoping to add some pieces to my collection soon and have started with a few key pieces by Notary Ceramics


Ikebana Inspired Florals


Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. I've always loved natural and garden inspired flowers, but more and I more I am loving how Ikebana is influencing floral designers such as Studio Mondine. There is something artistic and unique to this style of arranging which I find oh so appealing. 




Clean, neutral and streamlined; ahhhh, music to my ears. Minimalism - both in design and lifestyle choices - is a significant source of inspiration to me. I hope to adapt minimalist influences both personally and in my designs this year. 



toronto wedding planner.jpg

Whenever I am drawn to a photograph, it is normally because it possesses a sense of movement. It feels alive in a way. More and more I am inspired to translate the concept of movement into my designs; whether that is through fabrics, texture, lighting, flowers - I am inspired to explore all mediums that evoke a sense of flow. I hope to use movement as source of creative insight in 2018.