The countdown to 2014 has begun, and it’s time to reveal my 3 top wedding trends for the New Year. Your wedding will undoubtedly be the most romantic day of your life, and when it comes to the top trends of 2014, it’s all about romance. But these trends also celebrate the revival of traditional wedding elements that have evolved into the most current details of the year to come.

Baby’s breath has made a major comeback and no longer just a filler for arrangements. Tall, wide, and covered in tiny white flowers, baby’s breath beautifully complements a selection of other stems or can be featured all on its own. Popularized in the Victorian era, baby’s breath was revered for its symbolic associations with purity and everlasting love. Try it as a bouquet, centrepiece, aisle decor, hair embellishment, or place card holder; this delicate little blossom is no longer the wallflower in the garden or at a wedding.

Baby's Breath Wedding

Fashion worn by the ancient Greeks still influences the design world today: just look at the vast array of Grecian-inspired sandals and gowns on display in shore windows. But perhaps the most lush and pretty trend born from this historic time is the floral crown. The Greeks would adorn a wreath made of leaves, grass, flowers, or branches to celebrate a festive occasion, and two millennia later, this ancient custom is one of the most favoured wedding trends of 2014. Regal yet whimsical, brides are opting for this fashion forward statement over wearing a traditional veil, and the result is the epitome of boho-chic.

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Season after season, lace wedding dresses appear on every major catwalk and seem to be the timeless yet on-trend choice for any  bride. The production of lace began in the early sixteenth century and rose quickly to become favoured by royals, which remains true even today. But this love of lace isn’t exclusively for dresses; oh no, it’s all about the lace wedding. From invites, to tablescapes, to cakes, this ornate pattern is one of the biggest wedding trends of 2014. The wedding world’s obsession with lace seems to be an everlasting affair, and just as love and marriage are synonymous, the same can be said for lace and weddings.

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My top 2014 wedding trends exhibit that the design future lies in the past. It’s about taking old traditions and making them new and relevant – just as the ritual of marriage has evolved into the beautiful celebration of love that it is today. If you are looking for inspiration for your wedding, you might be surprised what romantic relics you will find in your mom’s or grandmother’s attics and delighted that these meaningful treasures can be incorporated into your modern wedding vision.

By Alexandra McNamara, Certified Wedding Planner

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