Identifying what colours you are attracted to is the foundation for creating a vision for your wedding day around which you can then build in the details. 2014 colour trends are highlighting some of the prettiest hues and unique palettes the wedding world has seen. If you prefer colour to pack a punch, then the mint and peach 2014 tone trend is one you should consider. Peach and mint were made for one another and reflect a couple whose style is modern and energetic. Pair this colour explosion with a chevron pattern, and let the creative party planning process begin.

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Is romance essential for your vision? Do you gravitate to vintage decor? Then a blush and nude colour combination may be your perfect match. Accent with delicate gold and rose tones, and you have the ultimate fairy-tale colour party. The subtle elegance of these colours exudes pure whimsy and a timeless elegance.


Oh blue, the most versatile hue. I must admit, blue has always been my favourite colour, and to my delight, it seems that blue may just be the “it” colour of weddings in 2014. There are so many different variations of this cool colour from periwinkle, indigo, cobalt, navy, to turquoise. No matter what your style, there is a something blue to complement your vision.

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With the plethora of colour options out there, it can be a tricky area of the planning process to find focus. If you find yourself gravitating to the 2014 hue trends, use these ideas as  a catalyst for the colour decision-making process. Observe objects you love, textures you reach out to stroke, or even pieces of art on display that catch your eye. Inspiration is hiding everywhere to help you curate a wedding with colours and tones that reflect you best

By Alexandra McNamara, Certified Wedding Planner

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