It’s all about bold and personalized statements for grooms’ and groomsmen’s formal wear and accessories in 2014. Men’s wedding trends are pushing the envelope and focusing on individuality. Socks may not seem like the most exciting piece of apparel, but you might be surprised how this fancy footwear fashion has evolved into a stylish accessory for grooms and their groomsmen. Socks are now a vibrant and fashionable addition to any in-trend man looking to elevate his look to the next level (and make his feet happy at the same time).


Personalized boutonnieres are taking centre stage for 2014 men’s wedding attire. Whether a groom’s style is cool and classic, rustic and down-to-earth, or geek sheek, there is a standout boutonniere to match his style.


There is really nothing more dashing on a man than a bowtie. Bowties are fun yet fancy and can make any suit pop. Bowties work amazingly on a young, hipster groom, but also exude pure elegance and sophistication for a swanky wedding.


There are a plethora of places to peruse when finding the perfect fashion accessory for the groom. Online resources such as Etsy, DIY YouTube tutorials, or specialized storefronts are a good place to start. A wedding for the modern couple is a time to have both individual styles shine and stand out. Taking the time to make conscious groom and groomsmen formal wear decisions is a great chance to involve a hubby-to-be in the planning process and get him looking fantastic.

By Alexandra McNamara, Certified Wedding Planner