10 Things “The Wedding Planner” Got Wrong

I just want to put it out there that this blog post is written in jest. I actually really enjoy the movie “The Wedding Planner” as a girl’s night, paint your nails and eat junk food kind of movie. But in truth, I think at about 50% of the weddings I have been apart of, a guest will make a J Lo joke and ask where my headset is (even though I do wear a blue tooth). So for all you who think “The Wedding Planner” is an accurate representation of what actual wedding planners do, prepare to have your hearts broken. Screen shot 2015-11-11 at 5.43.41 PM

1. We don’t trash talk our past clients

Literally the first few lines of the movie get it wrong. As Mary tries to calm the nerves of a nervous bride she makes a remark that she looks 10 times better than Whitney Houston did on her wedding day (whose wedding she obviously planned). That is a no no in my books.

2. We don’t come up with the perfect vision on the spot

There is one scene in the movie where Mary eloquently describes her vision for the couple’s wedding on the spot. I am pretty sure I would want to find out their styles a little more before suggesting “Exotic origin trees imported for Bali.”

3. We don’t have code names for when things go wrong . . .

Although, maybe we should cause’ that would be awesome! But seriously, “code B the FOB is MIA”?

4. We don’t get drunk with our clients

Even if I were to run into an ex-boyfriend at a client meeting, it would never warrant getting rip roaring drunk with my client to mend the damage.

5. We don’t attend our clients dance classes

That is dedication! I love a beautiful first dance but usually leave the dance classes up the couple.


6. We would never leave a client’s wedding for our secret wedding

At one point in the flick, Mary takes off for her own secret wedding at city hall. Nope. I promise I would never ever do that.

7. We don’t invite clients to actual weddings

I can’t imagine asking clients to come scope out my work on another client’s actual wedding day!

8. We don’t take bets on how long our past clients weddings will last.

Seriously!!! Just no J Lo . . .no.

9. We don’t feed the best man his speech.

Ok maybe somewhere, some wedding planner does this. But in my experience, this would never happen.

10. We don’t fall in love with our clients . . .

Even when it’s Matthew Mcconaughey.

mcconaughey_lincoln_640 So even though “The Wedding Planner” did get a lot wrong, I have to give the flick some credit on the parts they did get right. We are the face of calm when you know what hits the fan, we do have an emergency kit, and we all have buns that look like J Lo’s. Also if you are wondering whether or not I rewatched this movie before writing this blog . . . the answer is yes. I don’t have an uncanny memory of every detail of the movie . . . as much as I do enjoy this classic chick flick. If you are looking to do a bit of research on what an actual wedding planner is like, please reference Franck from Father of the Bride parts I and II.


By Certified Wedding Planner Alexandra McNamara

Alexandra McNamara