10 Little Things . . . . That Make a Big Difference

I am shaking it up a little for today’s blog post. Wedding season is still in full swing for us here at Blush + Bowties. It’s been a whirlwind of a summer and we’ve been non-stop since the spring. I’m still getting used to the fast paced and demanding life of being a wedding planner and business owner. One aspect of my life that has become more and more important is taking time for the little things. There is always . . . literally always something that I could be doing; from answering emails to updating a budget to prepping rentals for the next wedding. However, I’ve really been trying to take a step back when I can to do things for myself. So today I am excited to bring you 10 little things that bring me joy and happiness.

1. Making my bed

Ok I know what you are thinking . . . that sounds like a chore. But making a pretty bed (and yes I admit sometimes steaming the wrinkles away) makes me super happy.

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2. Morning stretches

I try to take 10 mins everyday to lie on the floor and stretch it out. The only distraction I have to worry about is my dog Watson licking my face.

3. My nebulizer

Saje is one of my favourite stores I just adore my diffuser that dispenses little pockets of beautifully scented treats.


4. Parks

My husband Adam and I have been trying to spend more time in parks, and it’s a little piece of heaven. We literally will sit for hours people watching and throwing the ball for Watson. Our only rule is no phones.

5. Meditating

I have been meditating regularly for almost the past year. When I am diligent, I feel a huge shift in my stress levels and overall well being.

6. Tea

A cup of tea in a purdy mug can just melt away all of life’s worries. My favourite tea’s are Sloane’s Heavenly Cream and DavidsTea Mother’s Little Helper.


7. Book of Gratitude

I have nearly filled an entire book with my words of gratitude (I started doing this back in the Spring). I try to write 10 things I am grateful for every night. It keeps me in check with just how damn lucky I am.

8. Reading

To be honest I was never much of a reader, however this year I started reading the genre of personal growth and I fell in love and have become quite the book worm. My top favourite reads from this year so far have been Big Magic, The Happiness Equation, Adversaries into Allies, Die Empty, and You are a Bad Ass.


9. Baths

After a wedding (even if I get at home at 2 am) I head straight for the bath. A steaming bath with Saje’s pain release bath salt soak is the perfect remedy for my aching body and brings me to a state of bliss.

10. Listening to music

I immediately feel my mood shift when I put on some good tunes. My musical taste is quite eclectic depending on the day; some days I need a little mellow indie, others I listen to Motown, or if I’m feeling particularly pickley I throw on some meditation music jams and “ommm” my blues away.   

I’ve come to realization this past year that taking care of myself is just as important as taking care of my clients. I’ve discovered that doing things for myself is a daily dedication but also not as complicated as I once thought. A huge part to mastering well-being is consistency. I try to partake in this top 10 list daily or at the least weekly. Taking time for these little things, I have found, makes me a better wife, business owner, planner, and overall human. So in the end, everyone benefits. By Certified Wedding Planner Alexandra McNamara

Alexandra McNamara